Management as an Art:

Is management an art? Art is defined as the use of skills to bring a desired result. Skills refer to practical ability or expertness required for doing something. Thus, art has following features:

Practical Knowledge:

Knowledge refers to possession of facts and techniques of a particular field. Knowledge can be acquired through either study, practical experience or both.

Generally, in art, more emphasis is on acquiring knowledge through practical experience.

In management, knowledge is acquired both through study and experience. Thus, management is an art.

Personalized Application of Management:

In art, there is personalized application of knowledge to achieve the desired results.

This is possible because the same set of results can be achieved through a number of alternative ways.

This is done in management too; each manager has his own way of achieving results. Thus, management is an art.

Improvement through Continuous Practice:

In art, improvement is made through continuous practice.

This practice eliminates those activities which are not relevant for achieving the desired results and improves those activities that are relevant.

Through this way, the person engaged in any art tends to move towards perfection. This is also done in management. Thus, management is an art.

Situational Application:

Art has the situation application.

This implies that an art which is appreciated in one situation may not be appreciated in another situation.

This is true for management too; a particular management practice which is quite effective in an organisation may not be effective in another organisation because of change in situational context.

Further, in the same organisation, management practices may change over a period of time because of change in situational variables.

Emphasis on creativity:

Art puts emphasis on creativity through which new things or ways of working are created.

This is done in management too; managers create new products, adopts new ways of working, use new means of finance, practice new ways of marketing and so on.

The above discussion shows that management is an art.

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